Restricted Party and Destination Screening Services

Under US Export regulations, all consignees and end-users must be screened against the various denial lists published by different government agencies, even if no license is required for the item or the shipment is eligible for an exemption.

Secure Global Trade has created a service that allows companies to conduct their end user and destination screening in an efficient and timely manner without disrupting existing operations. Screenings are done by experts who have a vast knowledge of export regulations and actively follow changes in regulation, sanctions, and denied parties.

All records related to the screening and entire international transaction must be kept for a minimum of 5 years. SGT provides complete record keeping services for all necessary documents in an easy to produce format. 

SGT screens against the following lists:

  •  Department of State Designated Terrorist Organizations
  • Department of State Terrorist Exclusion List
  • Palestinian Legislative Council List [OFAC]
  • Federal Register General Orders
  • Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons [OFAC]
  • Foreign Sanctions Evaders List (FSE­IR) [OFAC]
  • Sectoral Sanctions Identifications List (UKRAINE­EO13662) [OFAC]
  • United Nations Consolidated List
  • Department of Commerce Denied Persons [BIS]
  • Department of Commerce Entity List [BIS]
  • Department of Commerce "Unverified" List [BIS]
  • Department of State Arms Export Control Act Debarred Parties [DDTC]
  • Department of State Munitions Export Control Orders [DDTC]
  • Department of State Nonproliferation Orders
  •  Department of State Iran Sanctions (ISA and TRA)
  • WMD Trade Control Designations [OFAC]

Example of our simplified screening Process

  1. Email of necessary information to company specific email address triggers screening request
  2.  SGT conducts the screening, documents all records, and verifies accuracy as applicable
  3. Approval or denial is provided to the requester along with supporting documentation and necessary explanations within agreed upon turn-around times


Cost varies and depends greatly on the average number of screenings conducted each year. SGT works with each customer on an individual basis to understand their needs and develop a structure that works for their unique business type.


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