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Your Supply Chain - Secured

Secure Global Trade is a team of industry experts in CTPAT operations with a 100% success rate, and over 15 years helping companies achieve and maintain membership in the program. Our processes are easy to understand, and we provide a successfully proven set of services which ore specifically designed to support your CTPAT efforts including…


Risk Assessments & Audits

Our cutting-edge assessment and auditing tools are a game changer. Noted as a 'Best Practice' by CBP, they support our experts in providing insights that lead to increased understanding of supply chain operations, partners, security practices, and risk profile.


Custom Training

SGT's CTPAT training is customized to meet the unique requirements of your business. Online or in-person, each session consists of easy-to-understand lessons that promote thorough understanding of the subject matter followed by a final exam that reinforces knowledge retention.


Policies & Procedures

Comprehensive, step-by-step guidance to update existing or create new procedures that address the unique framework of your business. These procedures play a vital role toward implementing a companywide CTPAT program that will meet all requirements.