ISPM15 – Understanding the Rule

ISPM 15 rules are a regular part of International Trade. Knowledge of these rules is a must when dealing with International transactions.

These rules are intended to prevent the spread of plant pests and diseases throughout the world when shipping international ocean freight using packing materials and supply containing wood.

While wood pallets are cheaper, readily available, and more customization is available than plastic or metal, exporters do face the responsibility of ensuring that they are also avoiding the spread of pests that can cause ecological nightmares. Four main pest culprits loom on the horizon as a concern for wooden pallets and containers; the Elm Bark Beetle, the Emerald Ash Borer, the Asian Long-Horned Beetle, and the Power Post Beetle.

Failing to take the steps to ensure that your wooden pallets are pest-free can cause disruptions for your supply chain, upset your cross-border customers, and most likely reduce your bottom line financials.

Heat treatment is the most commonly accepted method of treating wooden pallets. If you do not have the kilns to heat treat pallets and wooden containers, the next best step is to purchase your pallets from a business that ensures they have been treated and are properly marked with the ISPM-15 standard.

There are very strict enforcement policies at the U.S. border points that wooden pallets are marked by registered suppliers of wood packaging. Pallets that are not certified will be held at the border and will have to be replaced.

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