Schedule a CTPAT consultation today! See how the international trade experts at SGT can help you establish supply chain security & compliance.

Secure Global Trade offers a wealth of customizable CTPAT products and services. To provide the most accurate timeline & pricing to prospective clients, we offer each a CTPAT consultation - free!
Our CTPAT team will take this opportunity to get a bead on your business's goals, identify relevant regulatory requirements, and outline your company's existing security & compliance framework. From there, we can make practical recommendations on specific SGT services that will be most beneficial to you. We'll work to present you all the preliminary information we can to aid you in making  informed choice.
 To get started, simply fill out the online form to the right, and a member of the SGT team will follow up with you promptly to plan the next steps. 

What to expect from a CTPAT consultation:

Dedicated Appointment Time - We schedule a call at a specific time with a focused agenda to ensure clear and concise communication to give you the information you need.
No-Cost Security Assessment - At your direction, SGT will coordinate a CTPAT Compliance Assessment of one facility. Upon completion, we will provide an accurate report of identified security gaps and potential corrective actions.
Options - Our CTPAT expert will listen to your needs and discuss options for efficient ways to attain/maintain CTPAT compliance and make the most of your CTPAT budget.
Pricing - Following your consultation, we will provide pricing for your project that allows you the opportunity to review the options and make the best decision for your budget.
No Obligation - We provide the CTPAT consultation is provided to you with no cost or obligation.

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