Secure Global Trade - Our Mission

Secure Global Trade is invested in providing superior insights and sustainable solutions - for each client and in every aspect of our CTPAT services. Our clients count on us as reliable partners in their ongoing efforts to establish and maintain international supply chains that are secure, in compliance, and successful.
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Partners of Secure Global Trade (SGT) get the benefit of our decades of real-world knowledge, experience, and insight into the complexities of international trade. We help clients identify existing CTPAT compliance obstacles and forecast those potentially on the horizon before devising a well-informed strategy to overcome them.
SGT always takes the time to gain a full understanding of each client's unique strengths, risk profiles, and long-term goals. From there, all of our CTPAT resources, training, and consulting services can be tailored to ensure your firm gets the most from them. 
At Secure Global Trade, flexibility is a priority. The fact is, not every company needs the exact same level of involvement from our CTPAT experts. Some require end-to-end, hands-on intervention. We can provide that. We can even act on your behalf in direct discussions with regulators, such as the U.S. Customs & Border Patrol. Others just need the assurance that a knowledgeable expert is going to double-check their processes and submissions to ensure they're on the right track. All our CTPAT services are customizable, as well as evidence-based, cost effective, and sustainable. 

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