With well over 10,000 certified partners worldwide, C-TPAT certification expands opportunity for new contracts and business relationships by allowing you to compete for contracts that require C-TPAT membership.

Certified partners consider the program to create a business culture of more secure operations for all, with constant improvements in security.

Export Compliance and Controls

The US government has multiple export control programs in place to regulate the  transfer of goods, technology, software, services, and information to foreign nationals and foreign destinations.

Company decision-makers work in the face of massive legal fines and criminal penalties for violations of United States Export law.

About SGT...

The intent of Secure Global Trade is to help organizations of all sizes engage the responsibility of international trade compliance and management. We accomplish this by providing a broad range of custom solutions that are strategically designed for cost-effective implementation and long-term sustainability with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

As part of that effort, SGT recognizes the expanding role of worldwide communication through the advent of effective internet tools and services, bringing the introduction of new markets and providing a catalyst for changing the way we manage information and conduct business. Securing your supply chain and managing your international trade operations is part of our core competency.