Going Green

The international trade industry has been called to task for environmental concerns for several decades. As far back as November, 1999, protestors wore turtle costumes to the World Trade Organization’s meeting in Seattle. The protestors voiced concerns that sea turtles were being ensnared in nets used by the international shrimp industry.

Following that event, anti-globalization protests became common at multi-national meetings.

Pollution, the dumping of waste, and the deforestation of tropical forests are all part of our global footprint that can affect the environment.

Recent news is that several of the largest global port terminal operators have joined a program to raise awareness of environmental challenges that involve the marine transportation industry.

Joining together to promote environmental awareness are Port of Rotterdam Authority (PRA), DP World, Hutchison Port Holdings Limited, PSA International and Shanghai International Port Group.

The September program will discuss re-use, recycling and climate change. Activities will include promoting environmental awareness and securing local business partners to join the cause.

This initiative by the marine terminal operators is a rally for doing what is right for the environment and for the people. Working together to address critical issues is the catalyst for change.